Members of the Board of Directors

Michelyne Paulin, chair – Shediac Cape

Michelyne Paulin, a seasoned manager, is a chartered professional accountant and self-employed senior consultant working with high growth potential businesses and economic development agencies.

Ms. Paulin has a Bachelor of Business Administration from the Université de Moncton. She has acquired sound expertise in business development, economic development, community development, and international trade. She served in an advisory capacity to Atlantic Canada’s businesses in information technologies, life sciences, and seafood product processing.

In addition to her duties as Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Vitalité Health Network, she serves on the Executive Committee of the Capitol Theater in Moncton, alUMni de l’Université de Moncton, and the Centre de recherche et innovation Dieppe.


Norma McGraw, vice-chair – Tracadie

Norma McGraw has been retired since 2009. She holds a master’s degree in public administration, a bachelor’s degree in nursing, and a diploma in health service management from the Canadian Healthcare Association and the Canadian College of Health Service Executives in Ottawa. In 2002, she earned a certificate in negotiation and conflict resolution from the Dalhousie University College of Continuing Education.

Ms. McGraw has 30 years of experience in health service management in the community sector and in facilities. From 1975 to 1986, she was a general service nurse and then nurse manager in medicine. In 1986, Ms. McGraw was responsible for implementing and managing the Extra-Mural Program on the Acadian Peninsula. She went on to accept responsibility for managing this program in the Bathurst area.

In 2000-2001, she had the privilege of serving on the Premier’s Health Quality Council examining health care in New Brunswick. Ms. McGraw, who is actively involved in safeguarding and improving the quality of health care in her community, is also a municipal councillor for the regional municipality of Grand Tracadie Sheila.


Rita Godbout, treasurer – Grand Falls

Ms. Godbout is currently working as Program Coordinator with CBDC. She lives in Grand Falls.

Ms. Gobout received training in business administration at the Université de Moncton, Edmundston Campus. She is also the owner and President of Entreprise Les 3J Inc.

Being involved in her community, Ms. Godbout is a member of several organizations such as the Assumption Parish Choir in Grand Falls, Spotlight Theatre Inc., and the Red Cross as facilitator of the Babysitter program.


Lucille Auffrey – Shediac

Lucille Auffrey is the former Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Nurses Association and former Executive Director of the New Brunswick Nurses Association. She has worked in health care for over four decades, including over 30 years in management positions.

Ms. Auffrey holds a Master of Science in Nursing and Health Studies from the University of Edinburgh, a Bachelor of Nursing from the University of New Brunswick, and a diploma from the École des sciences infirmières de l’Hôpital Hôtel-Dieu de Moncton.

She is the Chairperson of the Health Care Advisory Committee to Correctional Service Canada. She has been serving on the committee since 2009. She also played a role with the Canadian Nurses Foundation, Canadian Nurses Protective Society, International Council of Nurses, Advisory Committee on Official-Language Minority Communities, and the Réseau international des professionnels francophones de la santé.


Pauline Bourque – Grande-Digue

A lawyer by training, Pauline Bourque has over 20 years of experience managing parapublic and community organizations in New Brunswick. She is very involved in the movie, television, and documentary film sector and is currently President and CEO of a production company located in Grande-Digue.

Ms. Bourque also spent several years at the Université de Moncton as Director General of the International Relations Office. During that time, she excelled in negotiating and managing a number of international agreements. From 2003 to 2009, she was Executive Director of the New Brunswick Arts Board. During her term, she strengthened the organization’s management structure, implemented a first strategic plan, and negotiated several national and international partnership agreements.

As an individual who is very active in Acadian civil society, Ms. Bourque has served as Chair of the Forum des organismes acadiens as well as Vice-Chair and Acting Chair of the Société de l’Acadie du Nouveau Brunswick (SANB). In the cultural sector, she has served as Chair of the Board of Directors of the Théâtre l’Escaouette (Moncton) and Chair of the New Brunswick Arts Board.


h3> Gabriel Godin – Bathurst

Mr. Godin holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education from the Bathurst College, a School Principal Certificate, and a Certificate VI from the Province of New Brunswick. He also obtained a school administration license from Université Laval in Quebec (master’s degree level).

Mr. Godin taught for 34 years, namely at the Bathurst College, in Nicolet, Quebec, in Petit-Rocher, and, especially at the Nepisiguit High School in Bathurst where he was Vice-Principal for 10 years and Principal for the last 17 years.

Now that he is retired, Mr. Godin serves his community, especially in the health field. He sat on the Board of Directors of the Acadie-Bathurst Health Authority from 2002 to 2008, acting as Vice-Chairman and then Chairman for three years. He was a member of the New Brunswick Healthcare Association and its Executive Committee, in addition to serving on the Board of Directors of the Société Santé et Mieux-être en français du Nouveau-Brunswick. He was a member of the former Board of Directors of Vitalité Health Network.


Emeril Haché – Inkerman

Emeril Haché, an experienced manager and volunteer, holds a Bachelor of History from the Collège de Bathurst.

He has been involved in the business community on the Acadian Peninsula for over 20 years. He held various administrative positions with the New Brunswick Aquarium and Marine Center in Shippagan, the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Business New Brunswick, the Village historique acadien, Entreprises Péninsule, and the Department of Tourism and Parks.

He is a member of various organizations on the Acadian Peninsula, such as the Chevaliers de Colomb d’Inkerman, the Club Richelieu de Shippagan, the Caisse populaire de Shippagan, and the Comité en développement communautaire de l’Hôpital et Centre de santé communautaire de Lamèque. He also chaired the Board of Directors of Les Résidences Inkerman.


Wes Knight – Campbellton

Wes (Wesley) Knight, a native of Atholville, has been living in Campbellton for several years. He is a graduate of the Polyvalente Roland-Pépin in Campbellton.

He holds a certificate in business management from Cornell University and completed several training programs in this field during his work life with Irving Oil Ltd. Mr. Knight has extensive experience in the business world and customer service. He currently owns a restaurant in downtown Campbellton.

As someone quite involved in his community, Mr. Knight is a current or past member of several boards of directors. He formerly served on the Board of Directors of the Friends of Healthcare Foundation and is currently serving on the Board of Directors of Downtown Campbellton. He is a member of the Campbellton Chamber of Commerce. After holding various positions with the CBDC Restigouche for a number of years, he is now President of this organization, which offers a variety of programs and services for eligible businesses and entrepreneurs in the region.


Brenda Martin – Eel River Bar First Nation

Brenda Martin has over 25 years’ experience in financial administration with the Eel River Bar First Nation and the Gespe’gewaq Mig’Mag Resources Council. Fluently bilingual, she is also an experienced trainer in purchasing, finance, payroll management, etc.

She was involved as a Board member of the Restigouche Community Futures Committee. She also volunteered in the past for the Boys and Girls Club (1990-2004) and the Scouts and Girl Guides (1995-2000).


Gaitan Michaud – Grand Falls

Gaitan Michaud, a retired teacher and school principal, has worked in education in the Grand Falls area for over 40 years, mainly at the École élémentaire Sacré-Coeur.

Mr. Michaud holds a number of university degrees, including a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Education (Primary) from the Université de Moncton. He is the co-author of educational guides as part of the Literacy Program of the New Brunswick Department of Education.

He is very active in his community. For instance, he was involved with the Red Cross, the Société culturelle régionale Les Chutes, CBDC Victoria Madawaska-South, and the Rotary Club.

Gaitan and his wife Sharon have two children and two grandchildren.


Jean-Marie Nadeau – Moncton

Jean-Marie Nadeau was born in Lac Baker in northwestern New Brunswick. He holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology from the Université de Moncton (collège de Bathurst) and the equivalent of a master’s degree in political science (Aix-Marseille, France).

Mr. Nadeau was a community organizer for the Maritime Fishermen’s Union, Personnel Director for the Clinique communautaire de Pointe Saint-Charles, and builder of housing cooperatives in Montreal. He was also Director of Information for the French-language daily l’Acadie Nouvelle and worked in the union sector for ten years with the New Brunswick Federation of Labour (NBFL).

Mr. Nadeau has been a columnist with l’Acadie Nouvelle, the provincial weekly L’Étoile, and the English-language daily Telegraph Journal. He is the author of four books and was the founding president of community radio station CJSE.

As someone very involved in Acadian civil society, Mr. Nadeau was the creative force behind the Congrès mondial acadien and served as President of the Société de l’Acadie du Nouveau-Brunswick and General Secretary of the Société nationale de l’Acadie (SNA). He has received a number of prizes and awards, including the Ordre des francophones d’Amérique, the Ordre national du Mérite français, and the Médaille Léger Comeau given by the SNA.


Denis M. Pelletier – Edmundston

Denis M. Pelletier has worked in the information technology sector for over 25 years and is currently manager of the computer network of the Université de Moncton – campus d’Edmundston.

Mr. Pelletier is both interested in his work and very attached to his community. He was an Edmundston municipal councillor for two terms, i.e. in from 2008 to 2016, and has chaired a number of organizations, including the Corporation au bénéfice du développement communautaire (Madawaska) and the New Brunswick Chamber of Commerce.

In addition, he has served on a number of committees and boards of directors, including those responsible for managing the Palais des congrès and the Commission d’urbanisme du Madawaska, and the organizing committee for the activities of the Congrès mondial acadien in 2014. Mr. Pelletier also received the Rising Star Award from the New Brunswick Knowledge Industry in 2006.

In the course of his training, he has acquired skills in a number of areas, including the art of motivating employees, the management of cutting-edge technology equipment, the analysis of financial plans of small- and medium-sized businesses, and the role of boards of directors.


Sonia A. Roy – Pointe-la-Nim

Ms. Roy holds a Bachelor of Education – Certificate V from the Université de Moncton and the University of New Brunswick as well as a Bachelor of Arts from the Université de Moncton.

Ms. Roy has been the Mayor of the Village of Charlo, a teacher at the école Arthur-Pinet in Eel River Crossing and at the Académie Notre-Dame in Dalhousie, the Principal of the école Le Coin des Amis in Dundee, a teacher at the école secondaire A.J. Savoie in Saint-Quentin, and a Public Relations Officer for NB Power.


Claire Savoie – South Tetagouche

Claire Savoie, who has been retired since the fall of 2015, holds a certificate in accounting from the NBCC, a Bachelor of Commerce, a Master of Business Administration from the Université de Moncton, and a graduate certificate in applied studies in aging.

For over 35 years, she has held several management positions at the Chaleur Regional Hospital, where she was Human Resources Director from 1999 to 2006. Before she retired, Ms. Savoie was Executive Director of the Foyer Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes in Bathurst.

She is a volunteer with Catholic Health International and a member of the Board of the Catholic Health Association of New Brunswick.


Anne C. Soucie – Edmundston

Ms. Soucie, a retired nurse living in Edmundston, has three children and two grandchildren. She has been a member of the Board of Directors of Vitalité Health Network since it was set up in 2008.

Ms. Soucie has a nursing diploma. She worked in public and private health care facilities for over 25 years as a Care Coordinator, a Scheduling, Recruitment and Hiring Coordinator, an Assistant Director of Nursing, a Nursing Workload Measurement Tool Coordinator, and a Case Manager. She was also a Development Officer for the Atlantic Ballet Theatre and a member of the City of Edmundston’s municipal council.

She has shown ongoing commitment in the charitable sector, as President of a $4.2-million campaign for the Complexe sportif régional d’Edmundston and of a $3.5-million campaign to convert a former church into the Mgr. W.J. Conway Public Library in Edmundston and as Regional Coordinator for the Tree of Hope Campaign, etc.

Ms. Soucie has also chaired or served on a number of organizations in the private and public sectors, including the Atlantic Pilotage Authority, VON, the Société Économusée® de l’Atlantique, the International Ecocomuseum Network Society, the Order of New Brunswick Advisory Council, and the Prime Minister’s Advisory Committee on the implementation of a training program for Crown corporation administrators. She has also served on the New Brunswick Police Commission and chaired Dialogue New Brunswick.




Ex-officio Members

Gilles Lanteigne, President and Chief Executive Officer, Board Secretary

Dr. Nicole LeBlanc, Regional Chief of Staff and Chairperson of the Regional Medical Advisory Committee

Janie Lévesque, Chairperson of the Professional Advisory Committee